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512 control table
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512 control table

512 control table
Detailed description


Working voltage: AC110V ~ 240 v Frequency: 50/60 hz

Standard DMX512. 512 DMX control channel.
2 road with isolated independent output drive port, with 1500 VDC electric shock resistance. Independent board structure, easy to replace.
Can be controlled amount of 32 16 channels
Big screen with a backlit LCD display, is used to display all kinds of operation parameters.
16 channel push rod, a speed control putter.
1600 light step program storage capacity. 48 lamp program, each program step up to 100. Each step speed, gradient parameter independent setting. Optional music synchronization or manual speed control.
Walk in the light rate with the cooperation of the push rod, the program step the time range from 0.03 s - 180 s
48 can directly call the amount of scenarios.
Can be run at the same time four lights program, 48, and at the same time to manually run 32 amount (lamp), manual operation (lamp) have channel release function.
X/Y by the data of different amount of rounds of unified control, can be controlled by the pusher.
16 bit amount of X/Y control precision.
15 key environment, quick call different scenarios, go light, combination of manual operation.
Music trigger signal source can be taken from the audio circuit input or built-in microphone pickup.
Easy to learn and use, more efficient operation.
Maintain shutdown data.
Built-in high-performance green switching power supply, have very low harmonic distortion and very wide voltage scope, comply with the requirement of power supply around the world (90 v to 240 v).
Size: 56.5 * 40 * 17.5 cm
Gross weight: 8 kg

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