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NEW TERMINATOR Sharpy beam 260w fit 200 230 260 330 watt moving head light
  • NEW TERMINATOR Sharpy beam 260w fit 200 230 260 330 watt moving head light
  • NEW TERMINATOR Sharpy beam 260w fit 200 230 260 330 watt moving head light
  • NEW TERMINATOR Sharpy beam 260w fit 200 230 260 330 watt moving head light

NEW TERMINATOR Sharpy beam 260w fit 200 230 260 330 watt moving head light

NEW TERMINATOR Sharpy beam 260w fit 200 230 260 330 watt moving head light
Detailed description

Sharpy beam 260w fit lamp 200 230 260 330 watt moving head light

Terminator light beam lamp
Instruction manual
Thank you for using our products, is safe and effective use of this product to you, before you use this product, please read this instruction manual carefully complete. This manual contains: the performance of the product is and how to safely install, and use of important information, please properly keep, in order to use as a reference. When installing and using relevant instructions must be strictly observed.
Product description:
The terminator light beam lamp, the headlamp new revolution! Lighter... Faster... The X/Y axis moves faster, smoother and less noisy! The software band corrects positioning function, makes up the hardware error, the positioning accuracy is quite high! Completely solve X/Y position! Brighter... 3 in combination with optical lens, the color temperature reaches 8500K, which is higher than 700W, 1500W beam light and higher color temperature! Stronger... The beam feels stronger, the parallel light is sharper! Intelligent light bulb switch control to extend bulb life! More... More powerful, more powerful, 16CH/20CH channel: 14 colors, 13 patterns, 7 color films; Rotation 8 prism and cellular prism (biprism), atomization, strobe!
Special note: this lamp is suitable for installing 230w-330w bulb, which is suitable for many light sources.
Technical parameters:
Power supply: AC100V-240V frequency: 50Hz-60Hz
Total power: 290W fuse: 7A ballast: electronic ballast
Light source: 7R light bulb: power: 230W color temperature: 8500K
Average life span: 2000H (light bulb and reflective cup overall package, light efficiency and higher service life)
Control signal: international standard DMX512
Appearance: high temperature resistant plastic
Light body color: black
Protection level: IP20
1. International standard control signal: DMX512
2. Channel number: the 16CH/20CH channel can be switched.
3. Number of motors: 14 silent motors
4. LCD 650,000 color touch TFT interface, easy to operate and beautiful interface, the interface can be inverted 180 degrees.
5. The X axis rotate for 540 ℃, the Y axis vertical rotation of 270 ℃, with automatic correction.
6.X,Y axis operation can be tempered and micro, the software band calibration localization function, high precision!
7. Dimming: 0-100% linear adjustment.
8. Strobe: double - chip stroking (0.5-9 times/SEC), complete linear dimming and variable stroking speed.
9. Color wheel: with 14 colors + white space (capable of creating sharp aerial beam effects)
10. Design wheel: with 13 fixed pattern pieces + white space (let you quickly change the shape of the beam)
11. Prisms: rotating the octahedral prism, which can rotate in two directions, with a fast and slow rotation speed, which makes the pattern projection more abundant
12. Atomization: soft light effect, easy to achieve the design effect of soft dream.
13. Focus: using 2 sets of optical lens combination, the effect is far superior to the usual beam light, which can project the high definition pattern
14. Beam Angle: parallel beam Angle: 0-3.8
15. Super-heated intelligent protection
16. Intelligent light bulb switch control (extended bulb service life)
Connection of DMX512 signal:
The lamps and lanterns use DMX512 signal control model, the control signal of lamps and lanterns is a parallel relationship, the connection is more than one signal lamps and lanterns, it is best to use double core shielded cables. Connection, all through the lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns DMX signal on jack (context) INPUT (INPUT) and OUTPUT (OUTPUT) are connected, connect the line of lamps and lanterns 3 core XLRXL plug terminal must correspond to each other, when the connection signal lamps and lanterns, it is recommended to use DMX signal terminal. Can be avoided, due to electrical noise damage control signal, DMX signal terminal device is a XLR plugs connection between 2 and 3 feet a 120 ohm resistance of 1 w, and connect it on the last stage of lamps and lanterns of the OUTPUT (OUTPUT) jack.
The initial address code calculation method of lamps and lanterns:
The starting address code of the current light fixture is equal to (the initial address code of the last light fixture) + (the number of channels of the lamp) :
1. The initial address code of the first lamp is A001.
2: the basic channel number of the controller should be greater than or equal to the total number of use channels.
3. Note: when using any controller, each lamp should have its own initial address code. If the initial address code of the first light lamp is set A001, the number of the luminaire number is 16CH; The starting address of the second light fixture is set to A017. The starting address code of the third light fixture is set to A033; And so on and so forth, (this setting also needs to be determined by different control tables)
Description of installation of lamps and lanterns:
This luminaire can be placed horizontally, slanting and hanging upside down, and must pay attention to the installation method when hanging and hanging upside down.
Fixed installation: 1. The lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns before positioning, to ensure the stability of the installation site, when the reverse hanging installation, must ensure that the lamps and lanterns is not tumbled down on the supporting frame and handle with a safety rope through the racks and lamps and lanterns, assist hanging; In order to ensure safety. To prevent fall and slide of lamps and lanterns, lamps and lanterns in the installation and debugging, the ban pedestrians pass, regularly check whether the safety rope appear wear away, whether hook screws loosen, if because hanging installation is not stable, lead to fall all consequences arising from the lamps and lanterns manufacturer does not assume any responsibility.
Light bulb installation:
1. When replacing the bulb, remove the plastic shell of the lamphead first.
It is recommended to use good quality light bulbs.
3. Uncharged installation, remove the bulb.
4. Hand untouchable bulb parts.
Make sure to tighten the screws after replacing the bulb.
6. Light bulb work at high temperature, and gas discharge can not continue to supply the physical characteristics of foam, so we must in every time, when the power is completely cooling ability to operate in about 10 minutes, otherwise it will lead to high voltage discharge, short circuit burn out components on the computer console.
Safety tips!
To ensure your safe use of lamps, read the following safety tips carefully before using them to avoid unnecessary breakdowns and injuries.
1. Non-professional personnel, do not remove the fittings of lamps and lanterns without permission.
2.AC power supply: check whether the local power supply meets the rated voltage requirement.
3. The lamps and lanterns is according to the type of electric shock protection design, lamps and lanterns should be used with sufficient power supply system grounding, and lamps and lanterns of the ground wire must be connected to the ground of the power supply system. Do not use insulation damaged power cord, at the same time, do not use the power cord overlap on the other wire.
4. When installation location and lamps and lanterns, any point on the surface of lamps and lanterns and any easy to burn the explosive keep minimum distance of 10 meters, 2.5 meters from irradiation distance, please don't directly installed in the lamp to burn the material surface.
5. Ambient temperature of lamps: (-10 degrees +40 degrees), the highest temperature of the lamp surface is 80 degrees, the lamps and lanterns should be kept away from the liquid material and wet environment.
6. Make sure the lamps are well grounded before using the lamps, and do not install and remove any parts of the lamps.
7. When installing the lamps, the fixed screws must be fastened and equipped with safety cables and checked periodically.
8. The continuous working time of the lamps shall not exceed 10 hours, and the interval time of the continuous start of the lamps shall not be less than 10 minutes. Otherwise, the bulb shall be protected from overheating and cannot be triggered normally.
9. In the process of use, if the lamp is abnormal, should stop using the lamps in time.
10. When the bulb reaches the rated service life, it should be replaced in time, or there will be a dangerous explosion.
11. The rotating part of the lamp and the pasting accessories must be checked regularly and loosened, and the shaking should be strengthened in time to prevent accidents.
12. The lamps and lanterns USES is strong wind cooling, accumulate dirt easily, must per month on a clean, especially cooling tuyere, otherwise you'll be in a dust jam, lead to bad heat dissipation, the lamps and lanterns is abnormal.
Difficult method:
The following is a list of troubleshooting and processing methods. Other maintenance tasks are handled by professional maintenance personnel.
One. Light bulbs
1.1. Due to improper operation, the bulb has not been completely cooled. The lamp should be cooled for more than 10 minutes, so that the inner bulb of the bulb can be fully restored to normal state, and the power supply can be started again.
1.2. Check whether the bulb has reached the service life and should replace the new bulb.
1.3. Check whether the bulb and the bubble line are leaking, shedding or not having good contact.
1.4. Replace the new point bubbler.
Two. The beam appears dim
2.1. Check whether the bulb has reached the service life and should replace the new bulb.
2.2. Check that the optical parts or light bulbs are clean, and the light bulbs and other optical devices are accumulated with dust, and the light bulbs and components should be cleaned and maintained regularly.
Three. The projected image is blurred
3.1. Check whether the electron focus channel value is suitable for the current projection distance.
Computer lights work intermittently
4.1. Check whether the fan is running normally to make it dirty.
4.2. Check whether the internal temperature control switch is closed.
4.3. Check whether the bulb has reached the service life and should replace the new bulb.
5. Although it glows, the computer lamp no longer accepts controller control
5.1. Check the initial address code and check the connection of the communication line (1 ground 2 minus 3 positive)
5.2. Add signal amplifier
5.3. When the bulb was not completely cooled, there was an abnormal start operation, and the instantaneous ultra-high voltage of the bubbler was leaking and the CPU of the circuit board channel chip was burned.
Six. Computer light cannot be started
6.1. Check whether the insurance on the power input socket is fused
6.2. Lamps and lanterns are not in contact with the line due to vibration during long distance transportation
6.3. Check the input power, computer board and other connector devices
7. After self-examination, some functions do not accept controller control
7.1. Check that the function has no power at work, or whether the chip is burned by other high pressure shocks.
8. The X and Y axis in the other data have been restored to 0 in the other data, and abnormal noises have occurred
8.1. At the time of abnormal qi, the high point bubble voltage leakage caused the burning of X and Y axis photoelectric induction circuit board (light lotus root).
8.2. Restart the computer light according to normal procedures
8.3. Push all the channel values of the controller to 0, remote reset computer lamp.
Maintenance and insurance:
Shutdown operation: before each off, the bulb first closed 10 minutes ahead of time. Let the cooling fan inside heat when using the lamps and lanterns, fast discharge, it can prolong the lamps and lanterns of accessories, especially the service life of the bulb!
In order to ensure the lamps and lanterns can steadily run, should keep it clean, open lamps and lanterns for repair or before maintenance work that make sure the power is disconnected, it is important to keep the lamps and lanterns is clean, clean, clean, please regularly not only keep the maximum brightness output, but also can prolong the service life of lamps and lanterns, it is recommended to use high quality glass cleaner and use a clean soft cloth to clean, use the vacuum cleaner at least half an year is clean inside the lamp.
After-sales service
Attention! When the lamps and lanterns are out of the factory, they are strictly inspected and the packing is in good condition. Please follow the instructions.
The fault of the machine is not covered by the machine.
1. The company will provide technical advice to customers throughout the lifetime.
2. If the product failure, need to repair, please show me your product warranty card, and fill in related content. At the same time also hope to customers in a timely manner the problems in the products back to us, convenient for our first time to improve the product.
3. Besides the luminaires, the following accessories can also be selected:
Attachment: power line: 1, signal line: 1, instruction: 1 copy
The choose and buy a
Light bulb (customer request)
Light hook safety cable (customer selection)
Software features:
1. LCD 650,000 color touch TFT interface, easy to operate and beautiful interface.
2. Physical buttons and touch are both completely independent and can be used in combination
3. Complete all operations independently with the physical keys
4. Complete all operations independently with touch
5. Use the physical buttons and touch mode to complete all operations
6. Intelligent height
7. For example: check hall, the decoupling error in the reset, and give hints.
8. Reset calibration (zero calibration)
9. X axis, Y axis, color wheel, pattern disk
1. Key instructions:

2017 new head of the headlight beams the light of the lighting of the light beamight
The "left" and "right" keys function the same way: return to the previous interface
"Up" and "down" key: select and edit
"Determine" key (that is, "OK" key) : execute function, begin edit, exit edit
MENU enters MENU selection
DOWN to the next option
UP to the previous option
ENTER to confirm the selected function
2. Interface description:
3.1. The main interface

2017 new head of the headlight beams the light of the lighting of the light beamight
The following is an example of "modifying DMX address code" to describe the use of keys:
1. If it is not the main interface, press the "left" button (one or more times) to return to the main interface
2. Select the "Settings" button under the "top" key or "lower" key under the main interface
Press "ok" to enter the "Settings" interface
4. Select the "DMX address" by pressing the "up" key or "under" key under the "setting" interface
Press "ok" to enter edit status
6. Modify the DMXDM address code by pressing the "up" key or "down" key
Press "ok" to exit edit status
3.2 setting interface
Run mode DMX from machine state: receive DMX signal from console or host
Automatic host status: auto run, and send DMXD signal to machine
Voice control receives external sound or vibration to run the built-in program effect
DMX address 1-512 press "ok" button to enter edit status. At this time, select the hundreds place, press "up" and "down".
The key changes the address code. Click "ok" to select the ten editors again. Click again
"Determine" the key to select the individual edit. Press the exit edit status again.
Channel mode 16, 17-20 channel invalid
2017-20 channel control speed (see channel table)
X inversion close
Y inversion close
XY encoder does not use encoder (optical coupling) to correct position
Use encoder (optical coupling) to judge the lost step and to correct position automatically
The DMX signal remains in its original state
The zero motor return, stop operation
Screen saver turn off backlight after 30 seconds off
Turn away the back light
When the lights are turned on and the lamps are turned on, the bulb will light up automatically
When you turn off the lights, the bulb doesn't light
Restore default Settings
Press "ok" to restore default Settings
The advanced Settings press "ok" to enter the password
3.3. Information interface
Option to show
Fan speed 0000RPM shows fan speed
Total use time (accuracy to minutes)
The time of use of this time (precise to minute)
Total bright bubble time (accurate to minute)
The time of bright bubble time (accurate to minute)
DMX channel value shows the channel value (value) of all channels in DMX state, and thus enters the subinterface to value and

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 2017 new head of the headlight beams the light of the lighting of the light beamight2017 new head of the headlight beams the light of the lighting of the light beamight2017 new head of the headlight beams the light of the lighting of the light beamight