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Stage Lighting Guangzhou lory bid --- Yunnan Honghe in a multi-purpose hall
The school has a long history, rich heritage, talented people, students take off cradle, teacher growth fertile. The school has a unity, hard work, high-quality teachers and a pioneering spirit, has trained a large number of outstanding teachers, there is the outstanding teacher, outstanding physical education teachers, national outstanding educators! With open education teacher thought, leading scientific research, with good quality, aggressive attitude, dedication and pragmatic style trained a number of outstanding students.
Educational philosophy edit

Schools to "develop their potential, personality development" for the idea of educating people, from the overall reform experiment to differences in educational research from Reflections and explore two cycle activities to try innovative educational teaching mode under network environment, to capture the most sensitive modern education topic, walking in the forefront of education reform. The school has consistently adhered to "brand, quality, service," the awareness, to promote quality education in the process, to first-class quality of education to establish its own brand image, won the praise of the community, is the best school of the people in mind

Yunnan Honghe in a multi-function hall stage lighting LORY successful brand, currently under construction in the early! ! !
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