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Good news - Guangyuan Riverside International Ballroom selection lory brand
Riverside International banquet hall choose Kaleri lighting brand,
Class 5A high-end commercial office space
Riverside International
Guangyuan the only Class 5A high-end commercial office space Riverside Riverside international line, close to the main road tho Guangyuan largest wetland landscape country road south bridge, occupied East Dam, two important Wanyuan City Center Edition intersection. Powerful radiation Dongba old business district and Wanyuan new administrative area, located in CBD axis Zhengxintai, Guangyuan future business first portal deserved. Riverside International office will greatly enhance the image and quality of your company.
Riverside International has been capped and is about to open hot sell office buildings, shops (5 Dishang layer) full-leasing, investment
Office: the high-end commercial office space 27㎡-940㎡ advanced core technology tube size arbitrarily split 35 yuan / month / m-40 yuan / month / square meters and stay Guangyuan's first Grade A office space, the highest rent-free period for up to a year! Arranging to enjoy more promotions, now many more local large enterprises, the company decided to check what are you waiting for this project first come, first choose the opportunity not to be missed! !
Commercial podium: Riverside International is located in the high-end consumer area, commonly known as the rich area surrounding the high-end consumer sites abound. In this case create leisure and entertainment catering to high-end business relating to secondary consumer items. 1F-5F (40 yuan / month / m-100 yuan / month / square meters) invites all kinds of wealth, strength Store merchants settled the case, now shops fiery investment leasing, Arranging a lot of concessions, a lot of surprises.
Arranging now on enjoy preferential 5 total, the whole paragraph item 6, equal you buy such high-end commercial office space but also enjoy 95% discount. Floor position the first row come, Riverside International adopts the most advanced core tube technology, greatly increasing the building area available and can be freely split. (Rental available in advance Arranging)
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