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lory winning town of Ningbo Hai Jiao Chuan College bilingual primary school project
Congratulations on winning music Swiss company Ningbo town of Hai Jiao Chuan College - New Campus: Bilingual Primary School
1, multi-purpose lecture theater system
2, other uses multimedia classroom system
School Profile
Ningbo City Hai Jiao Chuan College, a long historical heritage, carrying Zhenhai Azusa Kageyama years of cultural heritage, in the reign of eight years by the Ocean Hall renovation, erected the following year, in February (1746) inaugurated eleven classes, later renamed Kun pool for the academy. Time flies, 1998 Zhenhai Dacheng Industrial company funded the establishment of a joint-stock private junior high school, named Hai Jiao Chuan College of Ningbo City, Zhenhai county take the alias "Kau" The rich cultural heritage. In 2001, the College to further improve school facilities, expanded to complete secondary school. In 2006, 160 million yuan investment in the construction of a new campus basically completed and formally put into use. Over the past decade, the rapid development of the College, has been impressive, has been named "Zhejiang Private characteristic school", "Zhejiang compulsory schools standardization", "Zhejiang characteristic school art education," "health promoting schools in Zhejiang Province," " Ningbo City civilized demonstration school "," Ningbo code of conduct demonstration school "," Ningbo language standardization demonstration school "," Ningbo City of Arts featuring school "," Ningbo Gang modernization of school "," the first batch of Ningbo City 'digital campus', "" Ningbo City, environmental protection model (green) unit "," Ningbo City 'Ratings safe campus' 5A grade school ", and was established as the" National plan of Education subject experimental base "," Zhejiang University of foreign languages culture and international exchange School teaching and experimental base "," Master of Ningbo University teaching practice and research base "," Ningbo City School teachers' training practice base "and so on. Academy in Ningbo City of Zhejiang Province has a higher social influence and reputation.
School size
College new campus is located in Ningbo Higher Education Park North, it covers an area of 250 acres middle school, with a total construction area of nearly 75,000 square meters, including the administration building, building, teaching building, laboratory building, arts museum, lecture hall, canteen, teachers hostel, dormitory and 400 meters standard plastic track stadium, Chinese and Western architectural styles, magnificent and elegant character. Teaching and research activities building has room, computer room, reading room, reading room, dance room, exercise room, indoor shooting range, the classroom teacher class, interest group activities room, counseling room and other classrooms. Campus information technology facilities comprehensive coverage for students to build up a modern learning platform. In early 2014 the Central has 48 teaching classes, students 2094 people; there are high school teaching 20 classes, 891 students.
Schools in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, the education sector and even hit a resounding brand and high-quality educational achievement. School graduates with excellent comprehensive quality, development potential and by the appreciation of all ages and high school level. The amount of each graduating high school students were enrolled in Zhenhai far beyond school goals identified. National Informatics (computer) Olympiad, National Mathematics (junior high school) competition, the provincial natural science competitions, junior middle school English ability contest and provincial education systems festival, nearly 300 people won the provincial first prize; nearly 20 times won provincial group winner. The number of winners of the public, a wide range of award-winning, winning the high level of junior high school and even in the whole of Ningbo City in Zhejiang Province are in a leading position! Only 2007 kinds of competitions as an example: Science: Ningbo City, the first two days, "Kau-Cup" finals of the scientific end of June, the school won three of the first: the total number of winners of the first school, the first personal ranking first, Ningbo City, the first group. Zhenhai region on behalf of all students participating in the 15 awards, including first prize accounts for 11 (more than one third of the total market). Mathematics: April National Junior High School Mathematics Competition (Zhejiang Division), there are 18 student awards, including first prize six people, and continue to won the provincial title prize groups. Foreign Language: Ningbo, held in December, "Kau-Cup" English Contest finals, Zhenhai District, the award-winning school accounted for 18 of those 15, four were won the first prize, second prize 6 people, while the school is eligible Ningbo group first prize; Informatics: Ningbo, held April 22nd Primary and Secondary computer programming contest in the school has 11 students were given first, second and third place, one junior high school students group one; the National League Informatics, held in December, the school 13 people attended the final 12 awards, including first prize representing five school since 2001 5th won the "outstanding participating school". Style: the Zhejiang folk music held in May Fourth "Sunny Cup" finals participating school students won the first prize zither; Ningbo City, the third primary and secondary schools choir competition, the school was awarded the first-class high school group award; held on September fifteenth session of the Ningbo City Games, participating school students eligible for 100 meters, long jump and many other first. Held in December 2007, Zhenhai District Primary and Secondary winter running race, the school won the junior team scores first; Ningbo City, "National Fitness and the Olympics and the 9th 'fly to Beijing - into space' country teen aerospace model finals "in the school participating students won the first prize in the first two. Shen graduated from the school in junior high school was established with honors admitted Zhenhai Middle School science class and innovation in 2006 and 2007, twice won the International High School Mathematical Olympiad gold medal (in Zhejiang Province in the discipline this only two). In addition, there are more than 30 school students eligible for a full scholarship to study in Singapore.
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